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What 10 things do you want to be known for in 10 years?

    1. Known for being a great engineer

    I love engineering. I love the people and how people are willing to cooperate to drive solutions and innovate. And as an engineer I want to be known as a great problem solver and someone who is awesome to work with

    2. Known for being a great communicator

    I have been a poor communicator for most of my life, now I started taking improv and public speaking so I can be a better communicator. If I become known as such then I would have resolved one of my life's biggest weaknesses.

    3. Known for being an amazing husband

    I hope to be married in the next decade. And I hope my wife will be happy with me, otherwise life will be miserable.

    4. Known for being an amazing father

    I hope I raise my kids right and they grow up respecting me.

    5. Known for being a great trader

    I don't want to be dependent on my 9 to 5 job, so I want to be able to earn money from the market. Learning how to trade is not easy, but once mastered I will achieve financial independence

    6. Known for being a compassionate person

    I didn't grow up with alot of empathy and compassion, it wasn't one of the traits passed down from my parents. At 29 I realized how important it is to help make your relationships grow and to help you through the tough times.

    7. Known for aging like fine wine

    I look 10 years younger than my age, so do my parents, so do my aunt's and uncles. I know at 50 people will think I am 35.

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