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James Altucher


What 10 things do you want to be known for in 10 years?

    1. That I'm still alive

    That would be the best, if I am known for that.

    2. This website

    I hope many people find it useful and it changes their lives for the better.

    3. "Choose Yourself"

    I still get people walking up to me and saying, "hey, thank you for writing 'Choose Yourself'". It's a good feeling.

    4. My kids

    Maybe that should've come first. Before I had kids, I was worried what if they grew up and I didn't really like them. But I love them.

    5. The comeback kid

    That people could look to my example and say, "it doesn't matter what age I am. I can make a comeback in whatever it is I'm passionate about."

    6. Charity

    I won't be known for this because, on purpose, I don't ever advertise any charity or put my name on anything. But I figured I'd put it on this list.

    7. A great novel

    That I have yet to write. After 25 books, I would like to write one traditional novel.

    8. I guess...

    I wasn't going to put this because I'd like to think I don't care. But I'd like people to finally start acknowledging various predictions or articles i've written that have turned out to be correct in the long run. Often people just remind me of things I've said that didn't come true. Or they forget about it when those same things start turning true.

    9. Humor

    At my funeral I'd like people to say, "he was always funny. Even at funerals he'd make me laugh."

    10. Nothing

    Maybe it's a bit anxiety-producing to want to be known for something. I hope I can take a deep breath every once in awhile and not care what I am producing in the world.

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