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What 10 things do you want to be known for in 10 years?

Lets take some moonshots here for myself.

    1. Creating a successful cash-flowing business

    2. Best Selling Author

    3. My YouTube Channel Harness Money

    4. Creating a successful restaurant

    5. Being the most popular writer on NotePD lol

    Why stop at NotePD

    - Quora

    - Medium

    - LinkedIn

    - Substack

    6. Successful newsletter business

    Bring it on Substack.

    7. Successful marriage

    David and I going stronger than ever.

    8. Traveling to all the countries in the world 194

    Hopefully some of the wars end by that time.

    Sailing on a Yacht in the french riviera.

    Cruising through the Carribean.

    Visiting all of the US National Parks.

    The Egyptian Pyrimids.

    The Taj Mahal.


    Afriacan Safari.

    9. My house parties

    By that time I will be living in my dream house and throw epic house parties: Christmas, 4th of July, Birthday, Pride etc.

    10. Charitable Foundation

    Forget the "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation"

    It would be awesome to have the "Collin Harness Foundation World Headquarters"

    Offices around the world, people working on solving some of the world's most pressing issues.

    11. Home Design

    Would love to have a business where I buy old houses and redesign them. Sell them, rent them etc.

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