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What advice would you give your younger self?

    1. People Skills are the secret sauce to success

    Hard to be wildly successful or happy without Emotional Intelligence. Be the nicest person you know. Be interested in others. Make them feel great about themselves when they are around you. This pays off HUGE.

    2. Invest and trust the power of compound interest

    It starts small and seems like it won't do anything. Wake up years later and you're shocked. Have a core of stable assets and then take some risk with a smaller amount.

    3. Take risks

    In everything. Many of your failures you will later be proud of. They lead you to better things. If you keep grinding and trying.

    4. Only you control your happiness - But, family/friends are everything

    Other people/things/places will not make you happy for longer than a moment. Work on yourself. Be content with who you are. Strive to be a better person each day. We all are imperfect. Everyone is self-conscious about something.

    In the end, make memories with those you love. Life is short. Hang out with those who help you in your worst moments. Still love you when you mess up or are broken. Real family sticks together. And you may not always love to be around them.

    5. Learn a programming language

    You could teach yourself. Plenty of resources. Worst case, you are learning a skill that pays a better than average wage.

    6. Start a business

    7. Make mistakes. Learn from them. Learn from other people's mistakes.

    8. Invest in Real Estate young. Have your friends pay your mortgage.

    Use the banks leverage when you are young. If you lose it all, no big deal. You are young! Try again.

    When young, house hack. Live for free, or close to it.

    9. Give more than you get to others

    Don't keep score. Be the person everyone wants to owe a favor to, but don't ask for them often.

    Make memories with those around you.

    When you are rich and/or big time - help people.

    10. Enjoy every day. Be grateful. Take care of yourself.

    Enjoy and spend time with those close to you. Feel content and grateful, just to be alive. Be in shape enough to run from the cops.

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