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What advice would you give your younger self?

To my younger self.
Funny enough, my future self will probably say the same to my current self. I may need to think about what my future self would tell my current self.

    1. Learn to learn

    To thrive in the future, you need to learn faster and adapt.
    You would not know what skills will be relevant in the future, but if you build the ability to learn anything, you will thrive.
    Learn how to read faster and memorize things like names, stories, slide decks. Learn how to type faster.

    2. Journal daily

    Learn how to journal daily and reflect. Be intentional when you reflect, and seek opportunities for improvement. This exercise builds the muscle for self-awareness.

    3. Go deep

    It is not enough to read a book to be the best in a particular field or skill.
    Don’t follow for the hype. Reading a book or taking a course doesn’t make you an expert. Read about the history of the field, how it came about, why is it needed. Go deep!
    If you admire a mentor or an author, go deep and read all their works.
    Don’t be shallow!

    4. Consume to produce

    When you consume information to produce, you start seeing the world differently. You will be more selective about what you consume. When you teach what you learn, you get to learn it twice.
    By producing, you are an active learner. You are contributing to the world.

    5. Be your future self

    Think about what future you want to have. Who your future self is? What does his day look like? The future self may change as you evolve and learn but always act now from your future self. Be clear about your purpose, core values, and priorities.

    6. Start building a second brain

    Build a system where you track everything and can easily search or find whatever you are searching for. Build a library of knowledge and use tools to track every idea, quote, and line you like from a movie script. You never know when you will use it. That quote you liked can be starting line of a youtube video you will create in the future.

    7. Think in terms of experiments and projects

    To adapt, you must keep experimenting with what may work and what may not. The worst thing you can do is be satisfied with a corporate job.
    You want to have many side projects. You want to have a list of experiments you want to test and create projects to test them. Projects are good to learn about managing time and resources. As you complete small projects, you build confidence. Building bias for action is the best thing you will do for yourself.
    Traveling is both an experiment and a project. Go travel the world, and write about it.

    8. Read a lot

    Leaders are readers. Read these immediately:
    Think Fast and Slow, Black Swan, Antifragility, The 10X Rule, Man's Search for Meaning, Built to Sell, Thinking in Systems, Essentialism, Made to Stick, and more.

    9. Dream big

    Remember these:
    “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” ― Napoleon Hill
    “We are kept from our goal not by obstacles but by a clear path to a lesser goal.” ― Robert Brault

    10. Do that father-son trip now

    Spend more time with your loved ones. When you go back home, spend more time with your family. Don’t just sit for meals. Do activities, have a walk with mom, go shopping together.
    Go on a road trip with dad. Have that trip that you always wanted with dad. He will not be around for long.
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