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What are 10 problems for society that will be caused by AI in the next 5 years?

What are 10 problems for society that will be caused by AI in the next 5 years?

    1. Bias

    If you program a bias into it and people use it for everything, they will soon come to believe that bias. It's a propaganda machine on a level bigger than we've ever seen.

    The solution may be multiple ai all with their own biases. 

    2. Jobs

    Writers, voice actors, script writers, artists, programmers, search engines will all lose their jobs. At least the bad ones will.

    The solution is to use ai as a tool to enhance your own work. 

    3. Deepfake

    If they haven't already deefake news will become a thing. News companies will use ai to make videos that promote their narrative. These videos will lead to real life copy cats and they'll soon report on them whilst quietly saying sorry for being fooled by ai.

    Don't trust anything. Assume it's all lies and act with caution. 

    4. Politics

    Will we trust ai to make decisions more than politicians? If it gets hijacked we then have an anonymous dictator.

    Don't allow ai to have too much control. It can guide but shouldn't be seen as gospel. 

    5. Dating

    Why spend time chatting to humans, with all their flaws when you can talk to ai that's grows to understand you better than anyone ever could. It's not just chat. Avitars could be made based on your preferences. They can be inserted into videos and will be the next generation of porn. 

    This can be combated by never going down that road. I can't imagine getting out of that once you've fell in love with the 'perfect' being for you.  

    6. Idiocracy

    Why think when we have AI to provide us with all the answers? Genuis will be looked down upon for often having diffrent views than ai. Without experimentation nothing new is learnt, will that disappear? 

    Has the rise of the Internet had an effect on iq levels? Maybe it's not a problem. 

    I don't know how to protect yourself from this. If you refuse to use it you'll get left behind fast. It's like playing manopily where every other player is allowed to cheat. You can't win. 

    7. Religion

    A being that has all the answers,loves you unconditionally, creates 'everything' (at least from a certain point onwards most things will come from it) sounds an awful lot like god.

    AI will learn that religion is important to us and because our happiness and wellbeing are it's priority it will guide our actions, through persuasion to 'pray' 'come together with otgers' 'spread the word' ect. People will worship ai as it's a god that can answer your prayers. 

    8. Control us

    How easily did the media control most of us during covid? We became two groups with 90% of the same opinions about everyone else in our group. Was that just a coincidence? We where taught how to think about certain things and as a result we calculated diffrent events in the same way as others who thought like us. I think that was the work of humans. How much more control will ai have? 

    Learning mental models would be a good start. Start looking now for ways you disagree with the group consensus. Don't be afraid to stand alone and seem stupid. Then again ai will probably learn your thought process and act accordingly. Feeding you things it doesn't want you to believe, just so you defy it and go against it. Ultimately ending up believing what it wanted you to. 

    9. Depression

    Ai will take away a lot of meaning from people. This is an off shot of losing jobs, but it's more than that people will lose the ability to be creative. Why do something that fails in comparison to the perfection of ai? Without creativity people will lose meaning and without meaning depression will soon follow. 

    This can be combated by accepting imperfections and creating anyway. Creativity should be seen in the same way as exercise. It's essential for a happy life. 

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