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What are 10 ways that you would make use of rural vacant land?

    1. Natural Habitat

    Not sure what it takes to get protected land or natural habitat designation. This would presumably prevent it from being developed on but would allow you to maybe rent it to a sanctuary or non profit.

    2. Clear Hiking Trails

    Can do the old fashioned way (walk the same path daily for weeks. Or the elbow grease way (machete?) and do the physical clearing. Can advertise the path and collect donations from hikers on site

    3. Plant wildflowers throughout the property

    Makes it a quasi pollinator sanctuary which is import of local farms and bee population overall.

    4. Food Forest

    permaculture design idea that keeps the land as is but adds edible crops to forage for as well.

    5. Paintball Course

    Whether wooded or open, you could set up a paintball course or area and run a paintball business off of it.

    6. Frisbee Golf Course

    Would need to be a few acres probably but Frisbee golf is gaining in popularity. Could set up a course and charge admission. Way less upkeep needed than golf and keeps the land mostly undisturbed.

    7. Shooting Range

    Depends on local laws/variances but if rural and legal gun ranges are a great business.

    8. Corn Maze

    can set up a corn maze for summer and fall (make it haunted in october) and charge admission. Then sell the dead stalks for fall decorating

    9. Dog Park

    most dog parks are just fenced in squares. Nice open land would be a nice change of pace for a dog park. Fire hydrant optional.

    10. Tiny House AirBnB(s)

    Whether an escape for you or a small abode of tiny homes you can rent out for income. Minimalist home(s) are a great use of rural land for short getaways.
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