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What are 3 books you were excited to read but didn't finish - and how could the author have held your attention to the end?

Not saying these are bad books, they just weren't my taste.

    1. the subtle art of not giving a fuck

    It was due to my taste in books more than anything. I wanted to learn lessons, yet it was mostly about his life, and lessons he drew from those events. I think I pushed through to the end, but wish I had gave up and read something more to my taste.

    2. How to be perfect

    I loved the good place and thought this book would be more of what I loved. This book consists of philosophical questions and how different ethical philosophy's would act. I just found this boring and gave up.

    3. Media Control

    I wanted to learn more about how to spot propaganda. This book didn't teach that. In fact it was so boring I can't remember what it taught. Really disappointing.

    4. How to think like da Vinci

    Who wouldn't want to have tips on how to think like one if not the greatest minds to ever live? Sadly this book doesn't teach that. It's a brief history of his life, which is nice, but not what I wanted.

    5. How to tell a joke

    An ancient guide to the art of humour. If it's lasted that long surely it's got some great advice on crafting great jokes. It's not. A boring convosation with little to no advice on crafting or even performing. Very disappointing.

    6. The way of the superior man

    short rules on how a man should act. I can't remember any of them. I just remember not enjoying the rules.

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