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What are 3 mobile apps you wish existed but don't?

    1. DNA health update

    I do not care about ancestry, but I do care about health. I would like regular health testing from my App on my phone. Map my DNA and tell me what kinds of problems like cancer I am prone to.
    - Provide saliva and tell me if I have any illnesses/need medication
    - Recommend a list of doctors to treat any illnesses
    - How I can be healthier - provide meals, workout training
    - Vitamins I should be taking

    2. House Manager

    I need certain house reminders: vacuuming, mowing the lawn etc.
    - Tips or things that would make my house better
    - Lawn mowing
    - Maid service
    - Delivered groceries
    - Energy usage
    - Things that I may need to replace: air conditioning, lights, repainting the house etc.

    3. Next Steps

    I enter in my end goal and the app gives the next steps that I should take to get there.
    - Planning a wedding
    - Moving up the corporate ladder
    - Growing a YouTube channel
    - Investing real estate
    - Starting a new business

    4. Personal board of directors

    I have heard of this, but have never known anyone close that does this.

    Just like a business has a board of directors, I want to have a group of people that are my personal board of directors.
    - Find those people
    - Track our meetings, could be once a year
    - Write down the goals/outcomes

    Maybe it could be a round robin where each person helps the other person. Or maybe I am selfish and need some help in my own life.

    5. Another idea: How do people get on organization's board of directors

    Give me an app that gives me instructions on how to become a board member.
    - Profit and non profit board of directors
    - What makes a good board
    - What makes a good member
    - How to get on boards

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