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What are 3 mobile apps you wish existed but don't?

    1. Coffee/Caffeine Tracker

    Similar to water intake trackers. App would track cups of coffee per day, plus be able to track caffeine based on drink type, i.e. Starbucks grande iced mocha equals xx amount of caffeine.

    2. Networking Reminder

    Set reminders to network/talk to certain people. The app would track conversations via text, social media chats such as Messenger, and phone calls. For example, if I have not talked to my Grandma in 4 days, the app would alert me to give her a call.

    3. Best Price App

    Set items I frequently buy with stores I frequently shop at. The app would refresh upon opening to find the best price, such as Tide pods at Walmart, Sam's Club, Amazon, and Costco. Would not have to manually search each site/store to get the best price on an item, size, and count that I usually buy.

    4. Podcast Converter

    Automatically transcribe selected sections of podcasts in order to gleam quotes and points to remember. Select a podcast episode, select certain time blocks or all of the episode, and let the app transcribe.

    5. Snail Mail Unsubscribe

    Similar to the unsubscribe button in emails. Snap a photo of a physical piece of junk mail, the app removes your name from their mailing list.

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