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What are must-read books you'd recommend to someone in their 20s?

These are books to give you ideas of what is possible. Some are more of a conservative slanted reading list to potentially reverse or counteract what a 20 something-year-old has just been taught in school.

    1. Atlas shrugged

    2. How to win friends and influence people

    3. Rich dad Poor Dad

    4. Think and grow Rich napoleon hill

    5. The 7 principles for making a marriage work

    6. The four hour work week

    7. Books on stoicism philosophy

    8. Jason Fung The Obesity Code

    This book talks about intermittent fasting. Hopefully most people wouldn’t need this book but I certainly did. It could set you up for good eating habits and teaches you how food works instead of a lot of other fad-based diets

    9. Freakonomics

    There are a lot of titles in the series and they also run a podcast. Interesting and counterintuitive takes on things that people take for granted like short term loans are always bad.

    10. Malcolm Gladwell’s outliers

    Popularized the idea that you need 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in something. This is debatable but to someone starting in their 20s if you decide you want to be world-class at something by the time you’re in your 30s you can see how other people have managed to do it.

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