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What are small things you can do today for your business?

I'm a dog life coach. I love to help people play more every day, leave stress, anxiety and frustration behind. I use these tips to make my business a lifestyle that I love.

What are small things you can do today for your business?

    1. Stay off social media

    Unless you are posting your own social media posts for credibility and/or to be found, do not waste your time scrolling on social media. It wastes your time. It leads you to imposter syndrome. You end up in comparison which often times will create procrastination.

    2. Follow up with one person you've done business with to see how they are

    This one goes a long way. People feel appreciated with a quick, "Hey, I was thinking of you today and wondering how you are doing with (fill in the blank)." You stand out from any other business who took the money and ran!

    3. Follow up with someone who contacted you but did not become a client or customer

    This one is gold. People are busy. They don't follow up on their own needs most of the time. Take the time to check in and see if they still need help or offer them a quick tip. Instead of wasting the time/money/effort you put into marketing, you can turn not interested into someone who feels you're the one who understands their needs and become a client / customer over a simple follow up.

    4. Send an email to all your current client / customers

    The holidays are coming. Black Friday will find you lost in a million emails. Take the idea of Pinterest and know that there are many that given the chance to know what's coming up they are already planning. Pu a possible offer to get in now, you can gain their continued business now or in the near by staying in front of them before others take the space in their mind.

    5. Send an email to your contact list that are not customers

    If you don't stay in front of them, they won't remember you. Offer a tip, some advice, something help. Make a simple small offer at the end.

    6. Clean up your loose end to-do lists

    Clean up your to-do lists before writing more lists. You'll feel way more accomplished cleaning up old lists. It always gives me more energy to do new to-do's and stop worrying about all the un-dones.

    7. Take a 20 minute walk

    In that moment of overwhelm, confusion, or brain fog... stop and take a walk. It will clear your mind, give you energy and you can go back to the most important things you need to get done with clarity.

    8. Write your top 3 things to get done today... forget the rest

    Do your top 3 things first. Sometimes they are harder than all the others. If you get consistent with this you'll accomplish more because your lesser important tasks can be delegated or they are much easier to tackle. You'll get way more done.

    9. Take a day away from social media

    You'd be amazed how clear your mind can get without social media. Look around. There's very few people without their head down, thumbs going on the little rectangle device they carry around 24/7. It's stealing your mind and your creativity.

    10. Mediate for 10 minutes

    You're in business because you are innovative, a risk taker or creative. You aren't in this to be like everyone else. Everything is energy. If you take the time to take care of your mind, clear it, be settled with it, find peace with yourself, you're business and everyone around you will benefit from it.

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