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What are some tactics you've learned to deal with the "Winter Blues"/Seasonal Depression

    1. Move to Uganda. Or any other tropical country like this one. The season is simple - it's either raining or shining (sometimes one in the morning, the other in the afternoon)

    2. Wear brightly coloured clothing all through. Avoid anything drab or plain especially during the changeover periods.

    3. Build up a bank of friends and strengthen your relationships as you move into that period, so that it's not awkward when you need to call or email them just to say hi or to go for a coffee or lunch.

    4. Create a really upbeat playlist of all your favourite, go-to Dance Music and have it handy with you at all times.

    5. Comedy. Comedy. Comedy. Watch only Comedy clips. (This doesn't mean Tik-Tok but, hey...it's all about you).

    6. Start a Happiness Journal where you write - every day - ONLY THE THINGS THAT MADE YOU SMILE THAT DAY. And every day, go back to that Journal to remember those little moments or big periods of happiness.

    7. Make Christmas your thing. If Christmas makes you sad because of loneliness or whatnot, then celebrate Easter during Christmas, or Hanukkah or FESTIVUS. Basically, celebrate something and whip out all the decorations you want.

    8. AVOID everybody who's negative. Shut down your social media accounts if the people there are just trolls.

    9. Still on social media, stock up on books and immerse yourself in them because the internet somehow always leads you to people making negative comments that will get you down. Choosing the right books doesn't.

    10. Pick up more hobbies that don't require you to be alone in a room or online. Gardening should be high up on the list of options.

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