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What are the 10 ways to keep work-life balance in Hybrid work model?

    1. Designate Work Space

    Designate a working space. Don't work all throughout the house or you can never escape work. 

    2. Set Hours

    Set working hours and stick to them. 

    3. Set Breaks

    Set breaks and get away from work. It is important to take breaks to clear your mind. 

    4. Break Routine

    Break routines. Doing the same thing over and over can be boring. Try to make things I tersting by changing things up. Make go work at a cafe instead of the house once a week. 

    5. Set Device Restrictions

    Set restrictions on your device. Hearing your phone ding every second can make you check in on things. Put mail or other apps on silent so they are not a distraction. 

    6. Plan

    Make a plan for your day. Things that are planned tend to get worked on. If you don't have a plan it is hard to get motivated to do anything. 

    7. Limit Social Time

    Wether in the office or at home it can be tempting to socialize and hear the latest office gossip. Try to limit this as it distracts you from getting the job done and can get you in trouble. 

    8. Good Hygiene

    Even if working remote take the time to take care of yourself. Practice good hygiene in or out of the office. 

    9. Exercise

    Being stuck in an office or at home can sttt to wear on the body. Make sure you are getting exercise and taking care of your self. A walk during a weekly meeting will do wonders. 

    10. Power stack

    Bummed you have to go into the office a couple days a week? Use the commute to learn something new. Play a podcast or a audiobook to make the commute less awful. 

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