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What are the best skills to learn in 2023?

Honestly, I am feeling clueless too. I am an AI/ML engineer, so I think I should know better and know the answer, but I don't. Here are my guesses, based on the thought that we still would like to see and interact with other humans while be willing to pay them well.

    1. Storytelling

    I think this helps us connect with others. When we connect with the story behind a product, or an artist behind the art. Being able to tell a story well that connects people and connects you with people is key. AI could tell a better story, but we don't empathize to the AI as a story maker cause we're still not robots.

    2. Elite Athlete

    Robots playing soccer already exist and yet we still prefer watching humans. Most likely the same with other sports too (although I know being an elite athlete isn't something you can learn in a year :-D)

    3. Coach

    Cause most likely lots of people are thinking to change path in their career (especially if their work will be affected with AI. So if you can be a brilliant coach in helping people doing that, you'll be in a good place.

    4. Therapist

    In the same reasoning as a coach.

    5. Influencer / Content Maker

    The market is tough, but you can use AI for helping you create the content.

    6. Stage performer

    Stand-up comedians, musicians, theater. They are not going to be replaced by AI, just yet.

    7. Learn how to use AI in your field

    And be better at your work while using AI as your co-pilot. This leverages what you already know with what is possible and helps you do your work faster.

    8. Became an expert in AI

    Although like being an elite athlete, this takes more than a year, most likely.

    9. Creating multiple streams of side incomes

    Again, this uncertainty of what will be the future, is our job secure? Having multiple source of income will be a good cushion when one or two things fail.

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