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What are the best skills to learn in 2023?

What are the best skills to learn in 2023?

    1. As others have said: Learn how to use AI

    Learn how to write prompts and solve problems with AI as your tireless helper.

    2. Learn how to learn at an accelerated rate

    The world is changing fast we will need new ways to keep up

    3. Learn to use computer tools in your daily work

    This year I have paid to get Grammarly, ChatGPT plus and several other tools. Even if you code, don't work harder than you need to. Solve problems and learn how to use computers to solve your problems better and faster.

    4. Learn to create solutions with "no code" infrastructures

    This can run the gamut from website builders to Alexa skills. People that master these will move ahead as machines can interact with each other more and more.

    5. Learn how to stay physically healthy

    Whatever this means for you: fitness, weight loss. You don't need to become a TikTok star but you should be fit enough to do what you want without limitations.

    6. Learn how to motivate yourself

    Learn how to be a finisher and complete projects. NotePd has been great for this.

    7. Learn how to self soothe and be comfortable with yourself

    No matter what happens, you always have your mind for company and comfort. Make the best of it.

    8. Learn how to buy and prepare food that is tasty and nutritious

    This can be the journey of a lifetime. If you were raised on the "four food groups" or "food pyramid" realize that these are completely wrong and a recipe for poor health. Learn how to prepare something that you look forward to eating.

    9. Start Side hustle businesses

    The world of work will be turned on its head in the next 5-10 years. A side hustle or series of side hustles will teach you a lot and could turn into full-time money. You will also be more prepared if you lose your job and be able to recover faster.

    10. Learn how money and money systems work (Macroeconomics)

    Ray Dalio has an excellent series of videos on YouTube about macroeconomics. The topic is complex but things like cryptocurrency and inflation will likely do strange things in the next few years. Learn to see behind the hype, protect yourself and your family, or profit!

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