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What are the most important lessons you learnt at school?

My comment is informed not only from my personal experience in skrool, but also coaching my children through skrool. It is high skrool and college specific.

    1. There are three types of student attitudes in any given course.

    1. The student is excited to take the course and is naturally engaged by the topic = A

    2. The student likes being a student, wants to maintain a high grade point, the class is necessary for the long term degree/GPA and because of this the student can engage and grind it out and block the pain = A

    3. #2 except the student cannot bring themselves to grind it out = C-F.

    Varying degrees of photographic memory can bring the #3 into a B or A given the difficulty of the material.

    2. You must "Learn How to Learn"

    I learned how to learn not by attending grade skrool, middle skrool, nor high skrool. I learned how to learn by being *self-motivated* to WANT to learn how to play electric guitar Sophomore/Junior . But then something clicked and I was able to apply that approach to other classes necessary for degrees in topics that I enjoy (Comp. Sci; Cybersecurity). I learned how to be #1 & #2 above.

    3. If you can grind or can love the material, join the classes that the higher performers are taking.

    You will be better off.

    4. Manage Your Teacher

    I was intimidated with my teachers until I hit Comp. Sci classes in College. I *NEVER* asked for help before that. I then realized that MOST teachers will ACTUALLY WORK WITH YOU to help you learn. Who would have thought? I considered them just crowd control entities before that.

    5. The Only Way To Learn is to Read the Assigned Text and Do the Work (BY YOURSELF)

    The class syllabus is a map. The student MUST engage in the journey.

    6. In College - Acquire the Practice Tests

    If they are handed back, they are public domain. Many times the Prof. puts them in the library. ACQUIRE THEM!

    7. In today's age - DO NOT WASTE TIME in the dorm rooms

    Side hustle! Learn from Altucher.

    8. Watch out for the Pasta Bar/Potato Bar/Soft Drinks

    Learn how to eat correctly on the college dining plan. Just do it.

    9. In College - Spend 40 hours a week doing skrool work.

    That's why you're there. Right. RIGHT!?!??!?

    10. Please please please stay away from the drugs. Just leave when they come out. I've seen more ppl get messed up with that stuff than I care to count.

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