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What Are The Personal Qualities That Make A Man/Woman Attractive/Beautiful?

My opinion only

    1. Having a beautiful mind

    A beautiful mind is about agreeing, disagreeing, thinking, reasoning and considering long-term implications. For more on this, see Edward de Bono's How to have a beautiful mind

    2. Influential

    I'm not thinking Steve Jobs or Elon Musk influential - but someone that thinks through their opinion and can lead others. A great book on this is Influence by Robert Cialdini

    3. Physically attractive

    We all have ideals for what is physically attractive to us but even if you're not physically attractive (face), you can work on your body. Ross Edgley has a great book The World's Fittest Book which will help you get fit and be resilient.

    4. Can tell great stories

    Storytelling is how we pass along information from one to another. Seth Godin's This is Marketing helped me refine my storytelling (and marketing)

    5. Understands finances

    Some people live and spend rich. Other people live and spend poor. Either extreme isn't great - you want to find the sweet spot between what you earn and saving for the future. Ramit Sethi's I will teach you to be rich, although US-based (and I'm in Canada), helped me understand some great financial principles to live by.

    6. Has good habits

    I can't talk about habits without talking about the book that helped set my course - Choose Yourself by James Altucher (shameful plug)

    7. Is positive

    Negative people are such a drain in energy and morale. Don't hang around them. Don't hang around complainers. If you think your attitude needs work, check out Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Book of Yes! Attitude.

    8. Has good thinking skills

    Think Again by Adam Grant helped me understand how to think, how to debate, how to agree and disagree, but in general, how to think better using a variety of techniques.

    9. Understands human nature

    Human beings tend to be rational creatures, but they are also irrational in many ways. Understanding this makes you understand how to interact with other humans and this makes you extremely attractive. Robert Greene's Laws of Human Nature is a great start.

    10. Honest

    One thing I learned this past year - honesty and having honest conversations is critical to moving things forward. If you always talk around a subject, you're not going to tackle the root cause. Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott helped me understand a great framework to approach a fierce (i.e., honest) conversation.

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