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What are the ten coolest things about the area in which you live?

Every place on Earth is unique. What are some cool things about where you live? Any features set it apart? Any famous people live there? Interesting historical facts about your city or town? What is a cool thing about your area that most visitors don't know?

    1. The Hudson Valley

    The Hudson Valley is a beautiful area. Famous for its historical sites, and natural beauty.

    2. The Palisades

    There's a cliff that runs along the Hudson River that you can drive on. And there are some beautiful views of the river, especially at sunset.

    3. NYC is in my backyard!

    I live about 45 minutes away from Manhattan. So I go to the city all the time. Sometimes I even stay in an Airbnb there so it's like living there for a few days.

    4. There are many historical sites in this area.

    Washington Irving lived here, Herman Melville (Moby Dick was set here), and many other famous people. There are also historical sites related to the Revolutionary War, and even earlier history with the Native Americans who used to live here before European settlers came over on the Mayflower (the pilgrims).

    5. My town has some unique features because of its history as a mining town but now it's more of an artsy-fartsy type community.

    As a mining town, this town was built by immigrants from Italy who wanted to work in the mines and make money so they could send it back home to their families in Italy. Because of this, there are still many Italian restaurants here and it feels like you're walking through an Italian city when you walk around downtown here at night with all the lights coming out of restaurant windows onto sidewalks full of people eating outside at tables set up on sidewalks covered with red tablecloths and white tablecloths hanging above them as well as hanging lanterns strung across streets where outdoor cafes line both sides of every street downtown at night while people sit outside drinking wine or coffee or eating dinner or breakfast while listening to music played by musicians who play on street corners late into the night while tourists wander around taking pictures at everything they see and eat gelato or pasta or drink cappuccinos while walking around looking up at old buildings lit up with neon signs advertising Italian restaurants where waiters wear tuxedos while serving food that looks like it came right out of an Italian magazine or movie set during a mafia wedding scene from Godfather II .

    6. Many outdoor activities nearby such as hiking / rock climbing / camping / kayaking / fishing / etc

    Because we're near mountains you can do all sorts of outdoor activities nearby depending on what season it is. In summer we go camping in Catskill State Park which is about 30 minutes away from my house. There's also Mohonk Preserve which has great hiking trails year round but especially nice in winter when nobody else is there except maybe some skiers going down ski trails inside Mohonk Preserve . In winter we also take day trips into Woodstock, NY which is about 1 hour away where they have great skiing (Woodstock Mountain) , snowboarding , snowshoeing , etc.. In spring/summer we do things like kayaking along nearby rivers, rock climbing at Minnewaska State Park right next door to our house , etc.. 3 hours away is Vermont where I go mountain biking almost every weekend during June-September . And if you want more urban activities such as museums then NYC is 45 minutes away by car or train .

    7. It's very safe here - no crime - but not boring either!

    Because my area was once mostly farmland (and still has lots of farms) there isn't much crime since nothing really valuable happens around here compared to big cities where things get stolen often because stores have lots of valuable merchandise inside them (like Rolex watches). But this means nothing exciting ever happens either! So I enjoy going into NYC regularly just for

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