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What are the ten most important things about personal finance that someone without a finance background must know?

Kind of a parody...

    1. Marry rich

    I've dated poorer and wealthier, people are good and bad at all wealth points, so make your life easier and swim in a more expensive pool.

    2. Hangout with the wealthy

    Network will be wealthier. They are not necessarily smarter or cooler. You'll like them and dislike them the same. More opportunity comes to this group and may rub off on you.

    3. Understand inflation

    Bc of this, you have to either make more money or invest in things that grow in value or take advantage of inflation in the future. 

    4. Do not sign a prenuptial, or get a good deal

    Half of US marriages fail, this is a great opportunity to level up your finances if you bust. Not even sure if the statistic I said was true. 

    5. Don't have children or monetize them

    People are using social media to make their kids famous. 

    6. Don't buy things you don't really need

    This could be #1

    7. Be healthy

    Poor health can really set you back.

    8. Be smart

    You'll notice opportunities more.

    9. Be attractive

    It helps. Everyone can present themselves better. 

    10. be charismatic

    Be someone people want to work with.

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