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What are the top ten heavy metal bands?

All of these bands are great but there are metal bands that have been formed in the last 15 years also! My list is more of the extreme virtuosic metal bands plus a few older ones.

    1. Cannibal Corpse

    Originators of their style, decades of longevity and many imitators

    2. Pig Destroyer

    Very heavy extreme metal. Scott Hull is the guitarist for this band and a half dozen others plus is a database administrator for a day job!

    3. Infant Annihilator

    Extremely fast drummer Aaron Kitcher!

    4. Meshuggah

    Heavy band with innovative Rhythm concept. I have tickets to see them in a few weeks!

    5. Rings of Saturn

    Accused of faking their speed they have released a number of play through videos.

    6. Black Sabbath

    The original. Brutally heavy even as 70 year olds!

    7. Animals As Leaders

    High level of musicianship. Saw them live.

    8. Intervals

    Melodic instrumentals. Have seen them twice: great drummer.

    9. Necrophagist

    10. Revocation

    11. Polyphia

    Not really metal but great musicians

    12. Dethklok

    A band for a cartoon: Metalocolypse! The brainchild of Brendon Small. Great music and a lot of fun

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