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What are your 10 favorites podcast quests and why?

    1. The Tim Ferriss Show

    Because he is the best at interviewing and has a variety of guests.

    2. Jocko's Podcast

    Great guy. Great stories. And, he's a war veteran so his stories are very different than most other people.

    3. The James Qu podcast

    Very smart guy and interesting guests.

    4. The Jordan Harbinger Show!

    Jordan is my friend and I'm biased but I think this show is great because he interviews many of his friends who are also great comedians, etc.

    5. KFC and Bert Kreischer

    Because these guys are hilarious and their stories are always fun to hear again (even if you've heard them before).

    6. Tom Peters' podcast with Andrew Cohen or Robyn Okrante or Tim Urban (the list goes on)

    Andrew Cohen is my favorite spiritual teacher but he's also a great interviewer. Robyn Okrante was the first person to ever do an interview with me when I had no idea what I was doing. She was very kind to me then and she's still very good at it now that she has so much more experience than me. And, Tim Urban (the writer of "Wait But Why") is just one of the funniest people on the planet so his interviews are always interesting as well as funny.

    7. The Jordan Rubin Show

    Partly because it's my friend Jordan but also because he does really good interviews with some really interesting guests who aren't in the mainstream media world at all
    Plus, he knows how to make money which is a skill not many people have nowadays

    8. My own show


    I'm biased but I like it when we have long form, in depth conversations with interesting people who can teach us things we don't know about life, business, spirituality, etc
    It's hard to do this well but I think we do it pretty well most of time
    Plus, we have some pretty amazing guests every week now so hopefully you can enjoy them even if you listen after they have been on our show!
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