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What are your 5 favorites James Altucher's podcast guests and why?

    1. A.J Jacobs

    Such an inspiration with his life of experimentation and experience. Here are just a few examples:

    Ep. 3 - A. J. Jacobs: A Biblical Experiment | The James Altucher Show (

    Ep. 180 - A.J. Jacobs: Four Words That Will Give You Ultimate Freedom | The James Altucher Show (

    807 - A.J. Jacobs: The Most Interesting Man in the World | The James Altucher Show (

    842 - How to improve your critical thinking with Puzzles and Riddles with A.J. Jacobs | The James Altucher Show (

    2. Maria Konnikova

    Another author I greatly enjoy. And her story of learning poker from scratch to the professional circuit is another example of Choose Yourself.

    601 - WHY Strategic Thinking is So Valuable (& how to do it) with Maria Konnikova | The James Altucher Show (

    545 - How To Think Like Sherlock Holmes: Bestselling Author & Professional Poker Player Maria Konnikova Reveals The Must-Know Mental Strategies For A Sharper Mind | The James Altucher Show (

    353 - Maria Konnikova: How to Look at Life Like a Game and Make Better Choices Because of It | The James Altucher Show (

    Ep. 172 - Maria Konnikova: Am I a Con Artist? | The James Altucher Show (

    3. John McAfee

    A scoundrel, outlaw, and disrupter. My kind of people.

    585 - How Think For Yourself with John McAfee | The James Altucher Show (

    4. William Shatner

    Who wouldn't want to spend time with someone who embodies " boldly go where no Man has gone before".

    392 - William Shatner: Live Long And ... Lessons from an Intergalactic Legend | The James Altucher Show (

    5. Andrew Tate

    A highly controversial individual (especially with the most recent criminal charges) and perhaps not my favorite guest. BUT, one of the bravest and most interesting interviews I've heard James do.

    Andrew Tate: The Most Googled Man in the World Refuses to be Cancelled | The James Altucher Show (

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