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What books changed how you think?

These books helped me see things in a new light.

    1. Alchemy

    This shows that most of our decisions aren't rational, instead we act on how something makes us feel.

    The author looks into different products and explains why we don't buy them based on rational reasons, very interesting read.

    2. Win bigly

    This opened my mind up to seeing a lot of things differently, but mostly Trump. Before reading this I wasn't a fan afterwards I came out really admiring him.

    This book shows you how to view the world through a persuasion lens. Things don't need to be true to be persuasive.

    3. Outliers

    What makes people outliers? Are they born differently to the rest of us? This book shows that a lot of factors are at play when it comes to outliers and being born special has little to do with it.

    I also enjoyed the insight on how Asians are better at math (It has a lot to do with their languages).

    Very good read, highly recommended.

    4. 80/20 Principle

    To be fair a brief summary of the rule would open your mind just as much as reading the whole book.

    The 80/20 principle is something that pops up everywhere. 20% of staff do 80% of the work. 20% of products generate 80% of profit etc. Seeing the world like this allows you to start focusing on what really matters.

    5. Factfulness

    The world is a lot better than I first thought (and I thought we where doing alright). This book will give you hope for the future of the planet.

    Now when I see doom and gloom articles I'm sceptical. Any graph I see I ask myself if it's really pointing to the conclusions stated (Eg. It may be cropped, showing more would lead to the opposite conclusion).

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