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What business could help an industry where better services could be provided if Al or data were more involved?

What business could help an industry where better services could be provided if Al or data were more involved?

    1. Counter Artificial Intelligence

    Create an AI that can identify another type of AI-generated text, audio and video. This can help fight out disinformation/misinformation campaigns, deep-fakes and other fabricated sources of information.

    2. Coding Teacher

    Think CodeAcademy + Digital Avatar + OpenAI GPT-3/Codex to create the ultimate coding teacher. You could learn web development step by step with a digital avatar. You can stop at any time to ask the AI pertinent questions. The teacher can create random problems or use cases for you to solve. It can analyze and comprehend your code. Give you pointers for improvement. It would create a truly interactive experience. The AI teacher could have personas imagine being taught AI coding by Jimi Hendrix, Joe Rogan or Abraham Lincoln.

    3. Gaming Coach

    Create an AI that can evaluate your complex multiplayer games like Call of Duty: Warzone. It can play as an adversary and look for your blind spot, analyze your aiming ability, reaction time, and situational awareness. It can then design a training regimen for improvement. It can also review your played games and identify strategies that were used by other teams.

    4. Risk Management

    Financial companies want to understand the risks associated with a new customer/corporate client being onboarded, an internal system being rolled out, or to identify risks ahead of audits and compliance requirements

    5. Fraud

    AI to check fraud indicators on written applications by comparing them to fraudulent documents submitted in the past. This can help vet out a loan application, funding requests and potential "diabolicals" (people who take loans with the sole purpose of defaulting or leaving the country)

    6. Law

    • Allow clients to better understand the request and legal contract jargon. Reduce the number of questions asked to the lawyer with an AI intermediary.
    • Lawyers can create an intake form for clients and AI can translate the complaint into a legal brief for the lawyer with recommended case law (precedents and criminal code sections)
    • Improve the research capabilities of lawyers to look for relevant data
    • AI determines what are the best clients to take, ranks billable hours and the probability of success based on previous cases

    7. Investment Bank

    • Conduct better market research of specific sectors with summarized information and look at indicators that show promise of an acquisition target
    • Prediction models for mergers/ acquisitions and government bidding contracts

    8. Insurance

    Create improved risk models for customers to determine premiums, payment and trust (reduced paperwork). On the flip side, you use AI to identify quality insurers who will treat customers fairly, provide transparency and actuarial data so customers can make better judgments about the insurer.

    9. Hazard

    Determine optimal flight paths for helicopters to drop water to put out forest fires. Use AI robots to enter dangerous or hazardous areas for rescuing people.

    10. Airport Screening

    Use AI for passenger screening at airports. The AI can interact with a person in the language of their choice. It interviews the person using a camera to track potential deception signs and alert a human screener to intervene if required.

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