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Nicola Fisher


What can I do with these skills?

    1. Work to your strengths

    As we say often around here, just because you can doesn't mean you should. What do you really want to do? What lights you up?

    2. Consult

    With the skills you have, you can add great value to SMEs who need help with promotion. The web skills back up the writing/PR and give you a unique skillset. There are lots of web developers out there but businesses most often need help with the writing/copy, putting themselves out there.

    3. Write about tech

    Combining your own website, perhaps a YouTube channel, getting on Medium and Substack, you could create a nice niche around tech.

    4. Presentation

    What about advising people who have to speak publicly on how to do it? Help them with scripts and how to promote themselves. Or work with business people to create a good online presence.

    5. Training

    Create and sell eCourses guiding individuals through the process of creating their web presence. Or, how to engage with the media.

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