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What causes an Entrepreneur to Burnout?

Burnout is a result of stress and can affect anybody including Entrepreneurs.

It can be from either taking too much clients, working longer hours, doing things we have little expertise etc.

The following factors can cause stress and lead to burnout.

    1. Working long hours:

    When you constantly work for long hours every day, without breaks, until you are exhausted, it could lead to burnout.

    2. Huge workload

    This relates to number one. When you are overwhelmed with a lot of work, it leads to a lot of stress and then a potential burnout.

    3. Loss of Control

    We love to be in control of our lives even when in reality, we’re not. Some things are beyond our control.

    But there are times when we lose the illusion of control and it feels like our lives are on a spiral and nothing seems right.

    E.g losing money, losing a friend or family member, going through a divorce.

    We tend to be stressed and downcast, leading to burnout.

    4. Lack of Social Interaction

    Some people especially Introverts like me need less social interaction than others, yet everyone needs a social network that can act as a stress relief.

    Lack of social interaction can cause feelings of loneliness to develop.

    When someone feels like they are alone in this world, it can lead to depression and anxiety, and ultimately, burnout.

    5. Pressure to meet up to desired expectations

    Exact reason why so many of us started our own businesses - to set the bar ourselves.

    We all have expectations to live up to. Both from ourselves and the people around us.

    But when the pressure to meet those expectations becomes too high, it can lead to burnout.

    6. Failure to meet up to desired expectations.

    Failure of any kind is a stressful situation for most people.

    It comes with a feeling of inadequacy and a drop in self-esteem.

    Some people even become depressed and unable to do anything else. It can lead to burnout.

    In summary, Burnout occurs when one is overstressed and overwhelmed.

    It’s our body telling us that we need to rest.

    7. Failure to say No

    - Putting so much effort on areas we have little expertise on instead of delegating or outsourcing.

    - Accepting more clients than you can handle at the moment.

    - Failure to say no to your indulgences that waste time and effort instead of choosing Discipline

    8. Poor self care habits

    - Do you prioritize healthy meals even when stressed?

    - Can you take the time to shower after a stressful day?

    - Do you find time to meditate?

    How much effort do you put into self care?

    This can all predict the frequency and level of your burnout as an Entrepreneur.

    Once you're aware of the causes then you can prevent burnout more effectively.

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