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What did you enjoy doing as a kid that has aged with you

What did you enjoy doing as a kid that has aged with you

    1. Berry Picking

    I loved picking berries: mainly black raspberries. Now my repertoire of berries has expanded to include mulberries, serviceberries, and wineberries.

    2. Apple Picking

    Every fall we'd go to a farm and pick apples. I didn't go this year, but I still enjoy it.

    3. Body Surfing

    ...everything beach related, but I loved body surfing as a kid and I love it just as much today.

    4. Making potions

    I used to pretend I was a witch and pick all sorts of plants and berries and mash them up pretending it was a formula. Now I make tinctures, herbal oils and salves, and vinegars from wild plants.

    5. Bicycle riding

    I loved tearing around the neighborhood on my bike when I was little. I still love it today...a few years ago I biked from Pittsburgh to DC, camping on the way and had a blast.

    6. Getting together with friends

    Loved it then, love it now. It lifts my spirit

    7. Doing gymnastics and being upside down

    It's a little different now...now I do yoga.

    8. Dancing

    I would get together with friends and put on shows where we dance and sang, I would listen to music and dance in my room, I love dancing just as much today.

    9. Listen to music

    I could spend hours listening to albums, reading the lyrics along with the music and singing along. Not much has changed.

    10. Daydream

    My daydreams of being in the Olympics are not as prevalent, but I still daydream about so many things ...

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