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What did you enjoy doing as a kid that has aged with you

I have dropped a lot of things I used to enjoy as a child like riding bikes, milk, fruits, pets, scrabble with friends/family etc.

I grew up in a rural area, and then went to boarding school, and now my adult hood has been in the city.

So some things would not just continue the same way.


    1. Long Nature Walks

    Living in a remote rural area, our play and activity were done in nature. I kept rabbits, we would go far and wide to get the weeds from farm lands. Been sent to the shopping center meant walking about 2/3 kms. Sometimes on weekend I would accompany my mum to go visit relatives over another village. So I see why I love my walks in the nature!


    2. Dental Care

    It was a rule at home. Brush your teeth before you sleep. No sweets. No cracking things with your teeth.

    I only brush before I go to bed. I don't like biscuits or sweets. Last time I went for a dental check up, the dentist was so impressed.

    3. Afro

    My dad always kept an afro. All his pictures of his youth he had this long black afro. When my mum would want us to keep our hairs cut, my dad was always defending us, He loved it when we had our hair, so then mm would say then keep it combed. So now I rock a neat combed afro since my primary school days.

    4. Aloneness

    My parents were working full time, so I got raised up by nannies. I have two brothers. And we went to different schools. I remember one visiting day at school our last born asking my mum if I belonged to their family. So we have learnt to just be independent whenever, right now I stay alone and I am not lonely. In college one lecturer nicknamed me lone ranger.

    5. Cooking

    I grew up with no sisters. And being a first born, when mum was not around, i took over her duties like cleaning the house, cooking etc I have several cook books, and I do enjoy cooking a lot.

    6. Puzzles

    Codewords, word fill-in puzzles, scrabble.

    My love for puzzles came from my mum. She loved codewords. My dad was King of Scrabble, I wonder if I can beat him.

    7. Christmas is family time

    Only until recently have I missed going home over Christmas coz of Covid, still even though I wasnt there on the actual day, I still got time to spend with family before New Year!

    8. No PDA

    Where I come from we are not touchy. No hugs no cuddles. I still struggle with that. I rarely hug people. I dont walk holding hands.

    9. Spicy food

    I wouldn't drink yoghurt over a long time. No cheese, no chilli, no masala, no cardamon, no garlic, so many spices. I have since been adjusting but I prefer not to use spices in my cooking.

    10. No Junk Food

    We only ate farm fresh food. Hotels were not an option. I like to cook my own food, and once in a while I order my fries.

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