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What Did You Have For Breakfast? The New Breakfast of Champions

    1. Anything important I can do now, it doesn't depend on time.

    2. I can think of only one thing that would fade all worldly threats and assaults overnight.

    3. The only way to live carefree is to KNOW that everyone is cared for.

    4. Forgiveness is a release, not a pardon. It's time that I divorce myself from dis--ease and free both of us once and for all.

    5. It's not the skeletons inside my closet that frightens me most - its the demons that live inside of my head.

    6. I'm constantly asking myself, "Are you ready to loosen the chains just a bit, the ones that you thought were unbreakable?"

    7. What if (I know its a long shot) I transformed the way I saw the world instead of trying to change what's in it?

    8. Do I believe that which created me is unconditionally loving, or fickle as most humans who build me up one day, only to tear me down the next?

    9. I can't rely on past momentum. I must learn to understand that the present moment will always require practice of what I claimed I have learned.

    10. Is it better for me to be careful than it is to do something that is dangerous and unnecessary according to the world's standards?

    11. Do I have the capacity within my heart to release the world from all the"mistakes" that I swear by my mother it has made?

    12. Here's my sure-fire plan that's guaranteed to work magic. I notice where I'm judging someone as being guilty and let it go. It's my guilt to look at - my guilt to release.

    13. Who would I be if I removed all the elements that add to my sense of self (sense of importance) - my money, my job title, my wife/partner , my schooling, my children, my neighborhood, my cars, my lifestyle?

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