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What do you want to achieve in 2023?

This is a brief list of goals for 2023, as suggested by @JamesAltucher. A more detailed list coming soon.

Over the past week or so, I've been thinking about what I have/haven't achieved this year and where I want to make changes.

    1. Writing: Newsletter

    I started using Substack as my newsletter and then lapsed a few months ago when work got busy. I've set up a mailing list on Buttondown and will be creating a summary newsletter once a month.

    2. Writing: Medium

    This has also lapsed but I've still been earning from existing writing. I'm going to dedicate Medium to tech writing - probably a lot about PKM and Obsidian.

    3. Writing: Substack

    This was originally where I was serialising my book. I want to do something slightly different but related. So, I'm going to decide on 12 themes and write about one each month.

    4. Writing: Digital Garden

    I want to do better at notetaking and writing ad hoc stuff in my Vault. I do publish some of this and enjoy sharing some of what I write.

    5. Podcast

    I enjoy podcasting. A recent collab has now finished and I'm pondering alternatives. Again, this would be no more than once a month.

    6. A Country Year (working title)

    Since we moved to Derbyshire, I've wanted to document a whole year here. I'm going to log this in Twos and hashtag entries so that I can quickly find them later.

    7. Making

    I bought some silver clay recently and want to spend some time making bits and pieces with it, and seeing what I can achieve.

    8. Wellbeing

    I have form in putting myself at the back of the queue. This year my new contract has taken over my life and I need to pull back and leave time for walking, mindfulness, creativity and being outside. I want to achieve better work/life balance - something I've struggled with all my life.

    9. Learning

    I've been making time to read more, to listen to podcasts and I want to learn new things.

    10. Tiny web and blogging

    I've set up a Bear blog - I've pretty much abandoned social media and want to go back in time to the early days when I used to love blogging!

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