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What do you want to achieve in 2023?

2022 threw some curveballs at me. It turned out to be a big year of letting go. I think we managed pretty well, but it's time to plan. 2023 shall be the year of making things happen with less mental burden. I will keep the main thing as the first three (1-3). The next three (4-6) would be bonuses, and the rest (7-10) would be things I would like to keep doing.

What do you want to achieve in 2023?

    1. Get my dental procedures done

    I had a huge fear of going to the dentist, but I think I've majorly overcome it in the past years. It showed a deeply rooted insecurity within myself, and I can really say that imagining the demon is much worse than facing the demon (and by demon, I meant my angst and not the dentist). So next year it would be quite a process to do it, but this will be my priority.

    2. Get my German driving license

    I can drive and I have an Indonesian driving license, but converting it to a German one takes more than just a visit to the authority. I have to at least pass the theory and practical test (this is no joke here). Which is why I've been procrastinating about it (plus you don't really need a car when you live in Berlin) - but this year no more!

    3. By the end of next year, pick one project to focus on

    I closed my startup this year, and I know I needed some time to recover. Currently spending time to dive deeper into Neo4J (graph database), AI/ML, and finance. By the end of next year, I should pick a focus I would like to continue on to build a new business.

    4. Start a few side projects with my spouse to generate side income

    Something not too complicated in the beginning that could leverage both of our skills, and would eventually enable us to work while traveling to see the world.

    5. Have a good understanding of working investment portfolio

    To retire comfortably when I want to (possibly in 10 years time).

    6. Finish one novel to a state of "good enough for a friend to read"

    It doesn't have to be perfect. I don't have to land an agent, I don't even have to get it fully proofed. Just enough to show it to someone.

    7. Travel to a new place

    My husband and I have a pact to travel to at least one new place every year (in 2022 we actually did three). The unfamiliarity of a new place gives us a fresh sense of adventure (we've been married for 17 years). We're making it happen even if it's 'only' a day trip to a nearby town we haven't been.

    8. Keep my sports habit

    For several years now, my yearly goal is running 600km a year, combined with classes to improve flexibility and posture (barre, yoga, abs). This is a good balance I'd like to keep for now. Maybe I'll add a dance class once I'm ready to go to a studio.

    9. Keep my eating & drinking habit

    Again, so far I have a good balance. I'm currently eating a plant-based diet, with my main meal at lunchtime, and dinner is optional. If the feedback from my medical checkup is good, then there's nothing to change.

    10. Maintain relationship with family and friends

    Building good relationships takes effort, and I really cherish the close connections I currently have.

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