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If I have a cube where all sides are the same color and I change one side of the cube to a slightly different color there are several ways that I can perceive this neutral cube.

    1. Same cube, slightly different change.

    2. Same cube, different face.

    3. Entirely different cube.

    4. If you'll think about this for a moment.

    Each perception about the cube is just as valid as the next.
    It's simply a matter of the meaning that I am assigning to it...nothing more - nothing less.
    1. My experience with the cube is going to be determined by the meaning I've assigned. Are you getting this?
    If I decide it's the same cube with a slightly different face my attitude towards the cube will reflect back to me that it's the same cube.
    However, if on the other hand, I decide this is an entirely different cube my attitude towards the cube will no doubt reflect that and that's exactly what the cube will show me. Now I'll explore what those differences may be.
    My experiences of the same exact cube are now fresh and fascinating as if it is a new cube because I've chosen to see it in this fashion.
    This by extension can be applied to your life, to what you see and experience on a daily basis.
    You can choose to look at your life as you being a victim or not.
    You can choose to look at your life as the same old boring life or not.
    You can make a slight tweak or you could create an entirely different reality. 
    When one thing changes, everything changes.
    But I know you don't believe it so I'll keep telling you that having a change of mind is possible.
    I'll keep telling you how wonderful you are until you finally give in..

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