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What excites you about the future?

    1. Quality of Life

    People are living longer and in better health. Sure, we can all lose a few pounds... Advancements in medicine are happening all the time.

    2. Peace

    Despite what the media says, we have never been safer in the western world.

    3. Crypto and "The Metaverse"

    This is happening slowly, then will hit us all at once. Like the internet in the 1990's.

    4. Equality

    In the western world, women now receive more higher-ed degrees than men. Soon, women will hold more positions of power in business and politics, which will have a positive impact on societies. Minority populations are growing in the western world. Watch Mad Men if you want to see how far women and minorities have come.

    5. Space

    Private space exploration investments will allow us to eventually live off earth. This is crucial for the survival of humanity. Could be hundreds or thousands of years away.

    6. Technology

    Every 5-10 years something comes out that blows our mind. Excited to see what's next. When do we get 3D printed homes? Should I buy a 3D printer now to make small toys?

    7. 1st Worry - Wealth Inequality

    This is getting worse in the western world and has never been a positive. Hoping that web3 and crypto helps.

    8. 2nd Worry - Energy

    Ukraine War has shown that the western world is not energy independent and it creates national security concerns. While we search for cleaner energy, we are not ready to stop drilling for oil and gas. Our electrical grids are also outdated and we consume more and more energy.

    9. 3rd Worry - Movies

    Not many great original films being made. Superhero films are fun, though.

    10. 4th Worry - Young Men

    Statistically, in the western world, they seem lost. Women are doing better and men need to pick it up. Too many incarcerated, struggling in school, not working, not having families. Men and women are different and you need balance.

    11. 5th Worry - Too much technology

    Are people spending enough time with each other? Zoom is not the same as meeting in person. Humans are still social creatures. Get out in nature and talk to someone in person.

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