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What excites you about the future?

There is a balance to strike here between not wishing away time to get to the future and understanding that certain inputs can go a long way to determining whether we get the future for ourselves that we want.

    1. Do things for your future self.

    1 Take care of your health by lifting weights and cutting carbs
    2 Live below your means for a better chance of avoiding financial problems
    3 Continue to learn
    All of those will increase your optionality and you'll be grateful to your past self for these steps.

    2. I'm excited to see how the fire department where I volunteer evolves.

    We're doing a lot of exciting things that hopefully will result in modernizing a good portion of our fleet.

    3. I'm excited for what my wife and I will do.

    We've been lucky enough to do some neat things and go to some interesting places. We hope to do more as the world normalizes.

    4. Curious about crypto

    I don't know whether it's all BS or the real deal. We own a little BTC and ether but I feel no vested stake in its success but am curious to see how it turns out.

    5. New interests.

    I'm excited to learn new things and find new passions.

    6. I want to be optimistic for the US.

    The country is broken in several ways and we don't yet know how to fix it. Politically, I lean conservative but the GOP is totally and thoroughly broken, they all need to be voted out so the party can start over. We need two functional parties and we don't have that for now.

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