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What experiences will become common in the next few years thanks to advances in AI and other technologies?

What experiences will become common in the next few years thanks to advances in AI and other technologies?

    1. Automatic daily scheduling

    A system will view your calendar and emails and create a schedule. This will be complete with reminders of when to leave if you have an appointment. Pieces of this are already in place but it will become very seamless.

    2. Augmented reality glasses will be able to brighten your day

    App vendors will be able to add bubbles and unicorns to things in your environment. Or provide advanced sunglass, like effects of tinting or darkening the environment.

    3. You will be able to speak your requests for TV shows to watch or music to listen to, and it will work smoothly

    This is starting today, but it doesn’t work very well. In the next few years remote controls will be unnecessary

    4. A phone size device will replace a laptop computer

    They are already powerful enough for most functions. It will just be a case of adapting to other displays and input devices.

    5. Most complex ideas will be summarized by AI

    This is starting to happen today, but it will be become common for things like proposed laws to be summarized in bullet points

    6. AI will be used widely in education

    Textbooks will become obsolete. Ironically they will become obsolete because artificial intelligence would’ve use them as source material for its own knowledge.

    7. Human beings will understand less about how their world works

    We already drive cars without knowing how they work, and use printers without understanding print drivers. The percentage of our world that we can understand will rapidly decrease.

    8. Personalized soundtracks

    So you were going for a hike and you want to have a particular soundtrack. You could ask for something like a rocky theme or ambient music, and it will be created for you in real time.

    9. Mood walls: wall sized Oled

    There are art installations that do this, but this will become common in peoples houses. There will be walls that can adjust to be any image. They could be programmed to have different images throughout the day, display artwork, or become a computer screen

    10. Blended reality games

    this will be a nIche, but you could combine live action, role-play with augmented reality and actually play a dragons game outside with shared reality dragons

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