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What hasn't changed for the longest time?

There is an opportunity to reinvent things there.

What hasn't changed for the longest time?

    1. Gas stations

    How about transitioning them all to electric stations? One of the best ideas I've seen is to make electric car batteries easily swappable. That way, drivers don't have to wait for their cars to charge. Each gas station would have many rechargeable batteries, and drivers just have to pay a fee to swap their battery for a fresh one.

    2. Laundry

    Maybe the washing machine should have a waterless mode for disinfecting with UV light. Or maybe you could combining the washer and dryer with one tub, like a dishwasher. You do not need to unload the dishwasher into a separate dish dryer.

    3. Internet

    Right now, the metaphor of the internet is still about loading 2D documents on your computer screen. There is a big opportunity now to shift internet surfing to loading 3D objects on different displays like your mobile device or a head mounted device. The internet may shift from being the World Wide Web to being the Metaverse.

    4. Computer screens

    Computer display screens have pretty much always been flat. What if it were a dome? You could have a computer workstation inside an egg-shaped cubicle, where the display images are projected all around you inside the egg. Computer screens no longer have to be flat and two-dimensional.

    5. Bicycles

    People have been riding pretty much the same types of bicycles for over a hundred years. Why not try out some other designs? Maybe a freestanding 3-wheel design? How about a bike with a windshield, like a motorcycle? Or a fully enclosed design like a car, but powered by your legs?

    6. Houses

    What if all the walls in your house can be movable? Modern technology has pretty much removed the need for support columns throughout a house. What if the rooms can be enlarged or shrunk as needed by rolling the walls around, then locking them into place? You could create rooms as needed and unused space can easily be sectioned off and rented out.

    7. Lawns

    Can we genetically engineer grass that never grows tall? Why do we need to plant grass at all? Are there other plants that would be suitable to grow all over your yard?

    8. Concerts

    The concept is ancient. A group of people gather on a raised stage and entertain a crowd of people assembled around the stage. We have technology now to bring the experience to the internet and the upcoming metaverse.

    9. The computer mouse

    Are there ways to radically change the design of a computer mouse, yet maintain ease of use?

    10. Books

    This includes ebooks. The basic concept is old and hasn't changed much. People have tried and failed to make books interactive in the past. Are there ways to fundamentally change the concept of books? Like, what if an AI could animate sections of the story inside an ebook? Or dynamically generate illustrations within the book? Or turn any story into a choose your own adventure story? Or adjust the writing to suit tastes of individual readers? (imagine a dynamic filter that could dynamically reword curse words, reduce descriptions of graphic violence, or adjust the chapter scenes to fit different cultural norms-- all from setting preferences in your ebook reader)

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