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What hobbies will get me too where I want to be?

for example if I want to get stronger, lifting more weights and eating more protein will get me there.

What hobbies will get me too where I want to be?

    1. Get in better shape

    They say I'm already the sexiest man alive. But if I want to keep looking this good I;ll need to...

    1. Lift weights. Since I got a deadlift in my room I'm lifting more in a day than I have in a year. Easy to do 10 reps whenever I enter/leave.

    2. Cook my own food. And not sticking crap into the oven, cut veg/meat and make a real meal.

    3. Drink more water. Buy a flask or stock up on lots of fizzy water.

    2. Get Married

    In order to get married I'll need to...

    1. Date. Aim for at least once a week.

    2. Show off my best qualities. Remind them why I'd make a great husband.

    3. Save. Weddings cost a lot. Save for fun dates at the moment.

    3. Find A High Paying job

    ...Well find a job that pays enough without sacrificing too much of my time. I'm smart and a hard worker, I can get things done fast and easily learn new skills.

    1. Find the best job I can get with my current skills (I think it's TEFL Teacher)

    2. Find what skills, if learnt would propel me to the best jobs (Programming?)

    3. Network. Maybe others can see skills that I've become blind too. (Mum saw that I'd make a great teacher).

    4. Share your skills (videos, blogs, lists etc). Someone could come across one and offer me a job. (already happened with my animation)

    4. Become my own boss

    I want to have a study income on top of what I make from my job. This is already happening with my books, but what else could I do?

    1. Merch. You've already got lot's of designs. Upload them and see where it takes you. Remember, start rubbish. Starting the hardest part, you'll quickly learn what works and what doesn't and can grow from there.

    2. More books. Rewrite all your notes into books. A book on Psychological Biases would be awesome. You could add how to use the biases to your advantage in relationships, jobs, hobbies etc.

    3. Comedy. Perform on the streets if you can't find a club. Busking offers a wider audience and more money if they like you.

    4. Course. Upload a course as a premium list.

    5. Travel

    I want to be able to travel, multiple times throughout the year to see friends as well as to relax in the sun.

    1. Vagabond. What jobs could you do anywhere in the world?

    2. Save. Save up then travel.

    3. Cheep. Look for cheep flights/hotels and explore new places. Good or bad its an experience.

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