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What I can use Chat GPT for

After a day, I can say: I love Chat GPT! This tool is at least as great an improvement for creating text and source code as the introduction of search engines was for searching information online. It's like having a very smart assistant who can quickly write reports and short articles.


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    1. Write short texts that don't have to be original

    The program produced an impeccable article on treatments for asthma in German that was 500 words long.

    2. As a helper in designing the plots for stories

    Chat GPT can design the plot of a short novel. I asked for a new version of the fairy tale of Puss in Boots to test.

    3. As a tutor while learning Python

    Chat GPT produces code that is easy to read and well-structured explanations for almost any task. I got a version of the source code for Conway's Game of Life. Important parts were left out. However, there were comments at these points as to what should be used there. The program can create simpler programs completely.

    4. As a source of ideas

    I used it to get a list of alternatives to rented accommodation.

    5. To design the outline of books

    This works great!

    6. To fill these outlines with temporary text

    My experience so far: These texts are neatly written and they contain the relevant information. However, they are often redundant and somewhat impersonal. Perhaps this can be improved a little by formulating the requirement?

    7. To get all the common arguments for a specific question nicely structured

    8. As a better version of Google with slightly outdated data

    The great improvement is that you can decide how you want the data to be presented, such as the length and language.

    9. I'm sure there are many more uses!

    Chord Charts for the Ukulele? sudokus?

    10. What it didn't do: Give me a list of the most frequent Russian words

    Because compiling the data would have been too time-consuming. It said.

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