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What I did today

This may be the last of these diary lists.  It's helped, but I'm guessing they're not as fun to read for you lot.  I'll try and get one of my top tier lists out soon.

    1. Shopify

    I've been at this most of the day.  Adding new clothes and tweaks about with descriptions.  Hopefully I can start selling by next week.

    2. Ukulele

    Love playing.  I'll try and get a new video made and share my progress.

    3. Headphones

    I honestly think the best type of earphones are the wired ones.  Theses airpod type one's fall and get lost/break far too easily and headphones are too bulky and akward to store when you're not using them.  Wired one's presented them from falling and could easily be stored in your pocket.  And you don't need to charge them.  We really should move back to wired.

    Anyway I bought new headphones.  Bluetooth.  I've lost/broken the airbud types too often, not a fan.

    4. Comedy

    My last training session, before my first gig is tomorrow.  I've been looking over my set and thinking of tweeks.  I'm happy with it.  Hope the rest of the class enjoys it.

    5. Nap

    I got up early because I was excited and wanted to work on my store.  As a result I'm now shattered.  I'll go for a quick power nap and then get back to it.  I honestly can't wait to share my designs with the world.  Not long now.

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