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What I did today

Today's been great.

    1. Shopify

    My site is looking amazing 😍. I've set up a few pages, made collections and have been tidying up a few loose ends.i also bought a domain name.  I really can't wait to share with everyone.

    Next steps - continue to tidy it up, work out what I want to blog and set up a schedule to allow for new daily blogs (or force myself to post something daily.), I've already got my year long Instagram posts maybe I can tweek them and do a similar thing here.  Colour scheme - I'd like it to reflect my pictures simple pastel like colours.


    2. Comedy Class

    It was my best performance yet.  I've got my first set on Saturday feeling confident about it.

    3. Sun

    I sat outside in the sun for a bit. 

    4. Seeing friends

    That's what life's all about friend's and family. It would be easy to double down on the business tonight, but life's too short.  When I'm old and grey I'll care more for my memories with friends than my business ventures.  Back to work tomorrow.

    5. Sorry

    I know theses aren't as fun, but I want to put all my brain power onto this business

      At least for now.  The expert lists you're waiting for will be back soon.  Who knows I might even do one on how to start a business and how to avoid the problems I've come across.

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