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What I did today

I'm recommending what productive things I do each day, in the hopes that it leads me to being even more productive.

What I did today

    1. E-mailed friend's cousin

    He works in animation.  I studied animation, but never found work in that field (apart from freelance.). I was hoping that this email will lead to some advice that will lead me to becoming a better animater/job in the field.

    My latest animation -

    2. Walking

    I walked around Glasgow today.  I included walking, because if I didn't I'd be in bed lazing about, doing nothing.  Walking for an hour wakes me up and gets my creative juices going.  It also keeps me healthy.  I love a good walk.

    3. Shopify

    I'm thinking about expanding my tshirt Business into an online store.  Shopify will allow me to sell all my products in one place.  

    Could I make it a type of blog and share my comics/advice/animation's as well?  I'd make more than just a store.  How I'd do this is a list in itself.

    Does thinking about something count?  

    4. Research

    Whilst walking around I watched people.  What were they wearing?  What stood out?  Here's a few of my notes

    AI pics with limited colour. Real prints/embroidery.

    Stylised designs

    Yellow/red -stands out.

    Fun designs - Bin with teeth

    Postbox spewing letters

    404 page not found - Make the home page a fake 404 page to make people believe it's more popular than it is 

    5. Podcasts

    I listened to a few podcasts.  I've only noted down this quote.  Your thoughts are downflow of what you consume - Tim Ferris

    If you want to think better, consume better things.

    6. Thoughts

    I've not done anything that productive today.  Thoughts preceded action and I've came up with a few good one.  But I'd like to get more actions done.  I'll work on a new design.  Even if it's poor I'll be happy if I have something I can work with.

    7. Extra

    Just got an email from Amazon.  I wasn't accepted for merch on demand.  Looks like shopify is the way forward.

    Does anyone here currently using shopify or any similar sites.  What advice would you give to someone starting out?

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