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What I have learned from attending live shows

Musicians. Comedians. Authors. Politicians.

    1. Anyone could put on a live show

    If you can talk for an hour, you could do a show or a tour.

    2. Venues make their money off alcohol

    There is a fee to rent to the venue. But most of the profit comes from alcohol sales.

    3. Most performers have an opener

    This gives the audience time have a few drinks. And the opener gets exposure.

    4. Security could be better

    I am always shocked at how many gaps there are in security.

    5. Artists make money off merch

    T-Shirts, hoodies etc.

    Always give your audience something to purchase on their way in or out.

    6. Meet and Greet

    Most performers do a meet and greet. paid or friends/family. This is another way the artist can make good money.

    7. Never watch a show from the side stage or backstage

    All of the sound is going out to the audience. That is where you get the best view and show.

    8. Backstage is not great

    Green rooms and backstage is not great.

    9. When you meet an artist ask them a unique question

    Most people talk at a performer, they try to tell them their life story. An artist will remember you more if you ask them a personal question.

    - How have you matured in your craft?

    - What are you obsessed with right now?

    - What are you consuming right now: music, book etc.?

    10. Here is a tip if you go and you want memento from the show

    There are always a few set lists floating around. On stage or my favorite: the sound booth. Ask for it once the show has ended.

    Sometimes you also get the artist to sign it.

    11. Another tip have remind myself

    There is always another show.

    A lot of people were upset that they did not get to see Taylor Swift. I get it.

    I tried to get tickets and did not get them when they first went on sale. But then a week later Ticketmaster sent me an email that they had more seats available and I did not have to fight to purchase those tickets.

    You need to be patient. If you did not get tickets remember, she will do more tours. I have been too many artists that have had #1 songs in the world and today they cant even fill up 1,000 seat rooms. The music is still incredible all those year later.

    If you do not get to see an artist this time, be patient and try again next time. There will be another show.

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