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What I learned during the Pandemic

During the two years we were locked down, I learned things about health, myself, etc

What I learned during the Pandemic

    1. I learned that my health at this age is priceless.

    When I was younger, I would have been a lot less cautious about staying apart from others. Now that I can see that I‘m half way though my life - I don’t want to cheat myself of the rest of my time with a foolish decision.

    2. I learned that I can open up to others more

    I had interesting conversations with some of the groups I joined.

    3. I learned that I can go places without leaving my house

    During the pandemic I roamed the world. I still go pretty far through online programs by museums, theatre companies, online classical music sites, etc.

    4. I learned to stay focused on working out

    5. I learned that I needed to start focusing on things that I cared about now. Time is short.

    6. I learned that I needed to make my time as rich and thick as possible with ideas, music, experiences. The more I drag into my day, the slower time moves.

    Time is speeding by as it is. Twelve weeks of the year have already past. It is MARCH. I

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