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What I learned from the Lego Story by Jens Andersen

    1. The word Lego comes from the phrase “play well”

    2. Quality sells itself (not really but this was a driving motto of the early days)

    3. They started with a competitive approach to the German toys of the 1930s: they thought German toys were inferior

    4. The company was funded from the Dowery of the stepmother: she was the original owner of Lego

    5. For the first 20 years of the company they were very religious and led daily prayer. This was stopped in the 50s.

    6. The Logo company was so suddenly successful internationally that they needed to hire multi lingual staff.

    7. They needed to upgrade the town because the factory grew so fast. Lego needed to build their own airport and also work with the town to upgrade the infrastructure for employees.

    8. The Lego figures were in development for over 10 years before they hit the market

    Mini figures hit the market in 1978

    9. In the 1980s they did a co promotion with McDonald’s and made 100 million bags of Legos for happy meals

    10. Mini figures were huge in making the American market take off

    11. It remains a family business and is in its fourth generation of leadership

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