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What I Like About Self-Hypnosis

    1. It's About Relaxation

    Formal relaxation is something we could all stand to do more of.

    2. It De-stresses

    You can measure your stress level before and after and see an actual difference

    3. It's Meditation With A Directed Purpose

    4. It Leverages Your Sub-Conscious

    If you have a hypnosis track on and your mind wanders, you still get some benefit since it is gong to your subconscious anyway.

    5. It Leverages Your Imagination and Creativity

    During hypnosis, you can be asked to call up certain imagery, and induction phases often mention accessing your creative side.

    6. It Connects You To Your "Best Self"

    This is another frequently used term or phrase in the induction phase - the idea of optimizing the self is appealing and powerful.

    7. It Encourages You To Shed Negative Emotions

    Part of the relaxation and induction phase is to imagine what is negatively affecting you being washed away or dropped from your self.

    8. It Is Versatile

    Hypnosis is used for a wide variety of conditions from the physical to the mental; from improving the good to solving problems.

    9. It Requires Dedication

    While this is somewhat of a weakness, too many forms of self-care can be half-assed. If you're going to do a self-hypnosis session, you must set time aside and create the right environment for it. There is no multi-tasking.

    10. The DIY Aspect

    Even with a hypnotherapist, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. You feel like you are taking matters into your own hands and doing it on your own schedule.

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