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What I need to declutter in my house

    1. My bookshelf

    I have books that have no intention of ever reading again

    2. Yarn

    The cheap yarn I purchased 10-15 years ago needs to be knitted into hats or blankets or given away

    3. Papers

    I have papers lying around in my office.

    4. Table in my living room

    Is covered in papers, magazines and books

    5. Closet

    I have clothes that I don't want to wear or don't bring me 'joy'.

    6. DVDs

    I have DVDs of movies and animes

    7. Games

    I have games that I bought and did not like. Unfortunately, I can't give them away or sell them. I need to throw them out

    8. Old cat toys

    I buy cat toys nearly every time I refill my containers with Cat Litter and buy canned cat food

    9. Kitchen Crap

    I have been guilty of buying lots of gadgets and junk for cooking. I have a lot of kitchen crap covered in dust.

    10. Old HS Nostalgia

    I have old yearbooks and mementos that I would prefer not to keep, but I don't know how to dispose of them. I think I would like to set them on fire In a bonfire.

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