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What I wanted to be growing up

Took this list idea from @Whatisaname

What I wanted to be growing up

    1. A Scientist

    I saw a movie where a scientist turned ostrich eggs into a sort of, explode on contact grenade. I thought that was awesome. I got chemistry sets and all sorts of STEM toys for years after that.

    2. A Veterinarian

    My dreams were shattered quickly once I was told that they spend much of the time putting animals down.

    3. An Air Force Pilot

    I actually followed through. I tested well on the ASVAB but was disqualified from the air force for having too many speeding tickets. The irony on this one lol.

    4. A Desk Jockey

    For a while I just wanted to do what my Dad did. A basic boring desk job that provided a good living

    5. A Naturopathic Doctor

    In high school I started reading from A LOT. It got to the point where people were asking me for advice on supplements and workouts pretty regularly. I liked the natural approach and started pursuing naturopathic medicine. I started with a phlebotomist certification, and worked in a blood lab at a hospital. I was 22 years old and pretty immature. I got fired and banned from the hospital campus where I was working because some other phlebotomists and I were spitting off the roof on break one day. The official reason for firing us on paper was, "contributing to the scare of H1N1" this was during the bird flu scare.

    6. An Acupuncturist

    Acupuncture helped me have an amazing recovery from a shoulder injury.

    7. A Salesman

    After trying a lot of things I tried door to door sales. Turns out I was pretty good at it and at a pretty young age was able to make between $250 and $1000 per day during the summer. I liked sales and still do.

    8. an Entrepreneur

    I went through a phase of wanting to start any business. I had tons of ideas like a bubble tea shop, a garage renovation expert, I went after a lot of ideas and failed at most.

    9. an Internet Entrepreneur

    back in 2010 I saw an ad for an affiliate marketing course called DotcomsecretsX. It was Russell Brunson's couse in his early days before Clickfunnels. Since then I've been running my own business, building things online, taking on clients, building and selling niche sites, and doing affiliate marketing.

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