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What Ideas for "Premium" Idea Lists Do You Have?

    1. Propaganda

    It's my pinned list. People seem to enjoy it. If I expanded it I'm sure I could make it worth peoples money.

    2. Mental models

    How to think better. Changing your thinking process is the quickest way to changing your life. People enjoy reading about ideas that can benifit them. Mental models would be highly beneficial.

    3. My comics

    I could upload my comics as sets or as a huge 'all comics' list.

    If I do them as sets this will allow me to work on my next set of books whilst also writing lists. Win win.


    Good quotes are life changing. A new perspective in which to view the world.

    The Internet is full of bad quotes (ie the obviously not Bob Marley quote next to a photo of him 'screw what others think. Do what makes you happy').

    I love quotes I've collected over 100.

    I could add my own thoughts on the quotes as well.

    5. Tasks

    I like to write tasks to help implement habits that lead to a better life.

    I could combine all these tasks into one mega list or do shorter ten ideas lists.

    6. Podcast episodes that will change your life

    I've listened to many a great podcast and many a bad one. A list of life changing episodes would be well worth paying for.

    I could state what lessons you will learn from listening to it.

    7. Book reviews

    People have enjoyed my takeaways from books. Writing takeaways helps me remember and it saves my readers from reading through a lot of fluff in order to reach the same conclusions.

    8. Videos that will improve your life

    Similar to podcasts but with YouTube videos.

    9. Courses

    I could make my 'how to live a happier life' course into a list. Lists will allow me to expand on the videos (add tasks, review questions). I think this would work out a lot better on here than skillshare. Skillshare doesn't allow as much customization as I would have liked.

    10. Questions

    I've got hundreds of questions that lead to better ways of thinking. Eg. Jobs - how does doing a good job affect others lives?, what would I need to do to get a promotion? How can I do my job in 1/2 the time?

    Questions determine how we think. Our thoughts determine how we feel and act. Our thoughts and feelings determine our lives.

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