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What Ideas for "Premium" Idea Lists Do You Have?

Everyone has great ideas that the world really needs. And there are incredible tools to help get this done. But how do you cut through the clutter to get to the essentials?

I have an MBA, but I can help you anyhow. I'm launching a startup - and can pass on useful lessons from my experience.

    1. Build ideas

    How do you generate good ideas? By exploring lots of ideas and bouncing them off others. How do you develop the right way to do this? Part of the answer is right here in NotePD.

    2. Learn if your idea is good

    You need to know if the idea is right before you drop a lot of money and effort. Here's how. And if this idea isn't the right one, then what?

    3. Choose a name

    If you're a plumber, you might be ok going with "Bob's Plumbing". But for the rest of us, naming takes a lot more work.

    4. Build a logo and tagline

    A good logo helps people understand and remember who you are. This takes a lot of design skill, but you don't need that. You just have to understand what a designer needs.

    5. Create a website

    Do you need something simple or more involved (mine is a new kind of social media platform)? Either way, it doesn't have to be painful - if you have a roadmap.

    6. Find investors

    So many options, but this can also be a big time suck. How can you increase your odds and decrease the time commitment?

    7. Find people to help

    Most startups require a lot of help. But how do you attract the right people? Even if you're a one-man show, advisors and evangelists are important to helping you reach the goal.

    8. Reach customers

    Beautiful ideas only get unlocked when people use them. How do you make that happen?

    9. Measure and improve

    Nothing in this world starts out fully-formed. Add metrics so you can tell which changes matter.

    10. Getting it done

    You're taking on something pretty ambitious. How do you avoid biting off more than you can chew?

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